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ENERIS Cleantech

State-of-the-art energy storage solutions, battery waste recycling

Development of the battery production value chain

  • Thanks to cooperation with leading Polish research institutes, startups and technological companies present both on domestic and foreign markets, ENERIS is investing in the whole value chain related to batteries. Starting with the development of advanced materials, through cells, batteries and modules assembly, repurposing and - on the final stage - recovery and recycling of raw materials. This comprehensive approach is in-line with the circular economy concept.
  • ENERIS wants to deliver solutions designed for Stationary Energy Storage, eTransportation, heavy duty equipment, mobile devices, wearables and other small electronics.
  • Eneris B&R (Batteries & Recycling) is engaged in collection and processing of batteries waste.

Advanced Raw Materials R&D

Stationary Energy Storage


Alkaline Batteries Recycling

Lithium Batteries and Manufacturing Waste Recycling

Battery Repurposing