Innovations Protecting the Environment
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Collection, treatment & recycling, Waste-to-energy

100% material & energy recovery 

  • Our goal is to maximise recovery of raw materials and energy from municipal and industrial waste, reduction of waste landfilling, as well as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • ENERIS invests in effective and innovative material recovery technologies, protecting the environment and saving the scarce resources. We also believe that hazardous waste, batteries and accumulators do not have to pose threats to the environment – they are a source of valuable raw materials and energy.
  • Such an approach is consistent with the principles of the Circular Economy.
  • Thermal treatment of waste is not only an effective way to dispose of it, but above all, is a source of partly renewable electricity and heat, meeting the highest emission standards.

We build and operate modern MBT installations & landfills

We recycle
hazardous waste safely

We invest in modern installations to recycle batteries and batteries manufacturing waste