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Wastewater treatment & water management

Rational use of water resources and outsourcing of services 

  • Saving water resources is possible through comprehensive outsourcing of water and wastewater management services. Thanks to professional and innovative methods of treatment, transfer and purification of water and wastewater, we generate financial savings for our partners.
  • The ENERIS Group provides private and municipal partners with the opportunity to carry out the necessary investments in water and sewage management. We offer proven solutions and innovative technologies of our experienced international partners.
  • We engage our own and external funds allowing for cost-effective, tailor-made financing of investments (BOO, BOT formula). We direct our offer both to the private sector (DBFO formula) as well as to local municipalities (PPP formula).

Hydrolysis, deammonification, phosphorus recovery, drying and combustion of sewage sludge

Optimization of water consumption by building closed circuits

Water and wastewater treatment technologies

ENERIS WATER aims to provide water management and treatment services:

  • to industrial clients providing engineering of waste water treatment and water recovery
  • to municipalities through development and acquisition of the water based infrastructure, engineering services and sledges treatment.