Innovations Protecting the Environment
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the information revolution and globalisation require new energy solutions, suitable water management and circular economy Towards profitable sustainable growth:
the fourth industrial revolution should be environmental and sustainable
Socially responsible companies and economy in general, should be the main factor for change:

A European group
with Polish Roots

ENERIS is a private European group with headquarters in Luxembourg and Poland. It is engaged in an ambitious development phase based on three pillars:  firstly, consolidating the market, secondly, expanding its environment-oriented infrastructure and services for waste, water and energy into clean-tech, in particular, related to energy storage and, thirdly, expanding outside of Poland.

Sustainable Development

ENERIS is a sustainable development company with a mission to participate in the biggest challenge of the century: clean air, water and soil. Mitigating climate change and saving the planet resources requires: energy transition to clean and renewable sources with efficient energy storage, eTransportation, raw materials recovery through circular economy and recycling, water management via treatments and reuse.

Vertical Integration and Holistic Approach

ENERIS believes that innovation is more successfully implemented by companies practicing vertical integration and combining industrial assets with new technologies. Industrial-scale environment protection activities concern waste, water and energy sectors which are strongly interrelated.

Investment Approach

ENERIS’ business development strategy is based on a long-term sustainable growth combining:
– socially and ethically-responsible practice,
– cooperation with local and central authorities to address their needs,
– a conservative and selective approach to new investment opportunities and business proposals, and
– a financial discipline giving the group necessary resources for growth.

Infrastructure Assets in Poland

Poland, the fastest growing  large EU economy has immense needs for new environmental protection infrastructure in order to manage energy transition away from coal, manage its water supply for its industries and agriculture, draw level with EU standards for industrial and municipal waste treatment and recycling capacities. Eneris is investing in assets related to these sectors and intends to further consolidate the market.

With its large well-educated population and research capacities, Poland is also an ideal candidate for the “hi-tech factory of Europe”, in particular, for energy-related industrial sectors.

European CleanTech

European Green Deal offers tremendous opportunities for innovative companies. Eneris is investing in clean-tech companies on a pan-European basis in Germany, France, Switzerland and considering other locations. It participates in European Battery Alliance and cooperates with many international companies. 

Focus on Energy Storage

Energy transition is based on new energy sources, i.e. hydrogen and new generation of safe nuclear power, and in the short-term on energy storage. Eneris Polbatt participates in EU “Important Project for Common European Interest for Batteries” programme, associating 17 companies from 7 countries. Eneris R&D and FID (First Industrial Deployment) portfolio is the only one to cover the full value chain, from advanced materials to recycling and repurposing. It is also particularly focused on solutions for stationary energy storage, key for renewable energy sources and distributed energy (local generation for local consumption) and on eTransportation (vessels, locomotives, trucks, buses, heavy equipment) aiming at associating hydrogen fuel-cells generation with lithium-ion batteries.

Holistic approach

A new type of company, a diversified and vertically integrated international group, offering its clients innovative and efficient services, its stakeholders and  financial participants socially responsible and profitable investments, long-term revenues and value creation.  

A leading emerging European cleantech & energy storage supplier participating in energy transition & circular economy.

A leading independent Polish infrastructure company providing to local communities and companies waste, water and energy comprehensive services and infrastructure for energy transition and circular economy, 100% material and energy recovery from waste & water.

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