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Artur Gadziomski

Head of Business Development,


Artur Gadziomski joined ENERIS in 2019 in the area of business development. As a Head of Business Development at ENERIS Polbatt he is mainly responsible for the energy storage project of lithium ion batteries, its financial and legal framework and cooperation with administrative bodies.

Throughout his career, Artur has developed key cross-border gas interconnetions between Poland and Baltic States and Czech Republic. Was also responsible for electricity interconnection linking Poland and Eastern Europe. Artur initiated business cooperation with leading energy market players, e.g. AirLiquide, Fluor, Sibur, PGNiG, Net4Gas, Eustream, Amber Grid and other key gas and electricity market players. In addition, he gained experience cooperating with European administrative entities like  DG ENER, ACER, Energy Community.

He graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (Finance and Management Faculty) as well as Faculty of Law at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń