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Turn on Clean Energy for Poland

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ENERIS  in the Coalition „Włącz Czystą Energię dla Polski” („Turn on Clean Energy for Poland”)

Fighting the causes and effects of climate change and developing industrial production need not be mutually exclusive. In addition – development and research in one of these areas lead to changes in the other. However, cooperation between entities related to each stage of energy generation, distribution and use, research centres and think tanks is necessary. In order to stimulate such cooperation and ensure the flow of knowledge and experience, Employers of Poland established the „Włącz Czystą Energię dla Polski”(„Turn on Clean Energy for Poland”) coalition, whose first members became, among others ENERIS Surowce, Fortum, Strabag or Coca Cola HBC.

The Coalition’s task is primarily to provide exchange of experience, create a space for discussion and establish cooperation that is to bring economically measurable effects. For this reason, the leader of the Coalition, Employers of the Republic of Poland, invite all companies, institutions and organizations to become interested in the initiative. A formal requirement is to register your willingness to participate in the project and to accept the Clean Energy Declaration for Poland.

“We believe that each of us, regardless of the industry represented, has an impact on efficiency in the use of energy in various areas, whether at the level of production, logistics or simply in the daily running of the office. We are convinced that an increase in energy efficiency, while reducing the negative impact of economic activities on the environment, is possible, “says Andrzej Malinowski, President of Employers of the Republic of Poland. “We invite both practitioners and theoreticians to our Coalition; representatives of industry, think-tanks, industry organizations, local governments and administration. We shall be united by a desire to change and striving to work out a path suitable for Poland to the Circular Economy, ”he adds.

Coalition initiators are guided by the goal of introducing real changes that respond to the challenges facing Poland and the European Union countries related to energy transformation and environmental protection

“Energy and heating are key sectors in every economy, and stable energy supplies at a competitive price are essential for industry. This is even more important because Poland, catching up with Western countries, must increasingly compete also with the “greenness” of our products and add as much value as possible to the final goods produced. This is particularly important in the high-tech industry and in innovative sectors, which are the driving force of economies, including Poland. Energy sector in the perspective of the circular economy may mean greater opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs,” comments Marcin Roszkowski, President of the Jagiellonian Institute.

One of the first entities that responded to the invitation of the Employers of Poland is ENERIS:

“The ENERIS genetic code includes care for the environment and an active, bold approach to realizing the vision: clean air, soil and water. Hence, following the values of synergy, cooperation, ethics and innovation in everyday work, we implement the principles of Green Deal in practice. This is how we understand the role of sustainable and co-responsible business. We want to share our experiences with others, as well as benefit from the knowledge of those who share our way of thinking. We care for the future of our children “- Paweł Augustyn, CEO ENERIS Surowce.

In addition to ENERIS, the invitation of Employers of Poland was also answered by: Coca Cola HBC, Fortum, Jagiellonian Institute, Karmar, Kompania Piwowarska, Polmass, Strabag, Association of Brewing Industry Employers.